Broward College Named Among Top Ten Finalists for 2019 Aspen Prize

On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, Broward College was named as a Top Ten Finalist for the 2019 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, the nation’s preeminent recognition of high achievement and performance in America’s community colleges.

Selected from 1,000 public community colleges nationwide, Top Ten Finalists for the Aspen Institute Community College Excellence award are evaluated for outstanding outcomes in four areas: student learning; certificate and degree completion; employment and earnings; and high levels of access and success for minority and low-income students.  The Aspen Prize is awarded every two years. The 2019 Aspen Prize will be awarded in March of that year.

Executive Director of the Aspen Institute’s College Excellence Program, Joshua Wyner, commented on the College’s nomination for the 2019 Aspen Prize.  “A three-time Aspen Prize Finalist, Broward College continues to improve student success rates, proving what is possible at a large, diverse community college.” He further remarked, “Broward’s decade-long reform is built on a culture of results, with systems that link everyone’s job to the goals of student success. Among the most impressive things the college has done is build clear program pathways that effectively connect students to good careers and four-year transfer.”

In addition to being named as a 2019 Top Ten Finalist, Broward College has also been recognized by the Aspen Institute in the past.  In 2013, the College was a Top Ten finalist for the Aspen Prize and, again in 2016. The College was recognized as an Aspen Prize Finalist with Distinction in March 2017, which included a $100,000 award.

"Our designation as a College of Distinction affirms years of hard work by our passionate faculty, advisors, counselors, community partners, and students," said President J. David Armstrong, Jr. "Our faculty will do anything to support our students. Advisors and counselors work tirelessly to guide our students down their academic path, and community partners help us provide real-world experiences that augment education in the classroom. Finally, what our students have accomplished is nothing short of impressive. This award is about their grit, determination and, ultimately, success." 

Broward College serves 63,000 students from more than 184 countries with a strong culture of collaboration and commitment to continuous improvement. The College ensures that students are on the right track to graduation and have what’s needed to transfer to a four-year university by creating clear, career-oriented pathways and mandatory academic advising when students reach certain credit-accumulation milestones.

Joshua Wyner, who is also the author of “What Excellent Community Colleges Do,” commented on the College’s clear, career-oriented pathways and excellent student transfer success as well. “Broward College excels at creating clear pathways for students to complete their associate’s degrees and then transfer to a four-year college and get a bachelor’s degree. Transfer students at Broward are about 50 percent more successful than at the average community college. This success is even more amazing given its diverse student population. Broward College is busting a myth by proving that all students can succeed at high levels.”

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