Fall 2018 Proud Grad - Abigail Francois Completes the First Bar to Her Career as a Lawyer

Abigail will be the first in her family to complete a degree. It’s a proud moment for the Hollywood native whose parents are from Haiti as she graduates this fall with her Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice. 

Abigail was one of the exceptional students in her high school class but chose Broward College over a four-year institution because of the affordability. “When I found out that the program I was interested in, was offered here, I couldn’t be happier,” she says. “It meant not having to take a loan, so money-wise it was better.”

But, getting to this point was no easy feat for the 20-year-old. Even as a recipient of the Broward Futures scholarship recipient she has for her two years in College worked two part-time jobs while attending school full-time. “My dad is the only one employed, she explains,” “I am from a family of eight, so I have to help I have to help my parents with bills, my younger siblings and cover day-to-day expenses for myself.”

Abigail’s days are hectic, often rushing from one job to another. She admits it’s exhausting and some days even overwhelming, but despite all that, she’s made every effort to participate in extracurricular activities at Broward College. She is an active member of the Broward College Criminal Justice Club which has helped strengthen professional goal.  “The thing that has kept me going is the thought of obtaining my degree and becoming a lawyer. Just knowing that everything I’m going through now is worth it and that I will get there one day.”

She also credits her determination to succeed as a result of the support she received from classmates, professors, and staff of the Criminal Justice program. “Wow, if it wasn’t for people at Broward College like the one sitting next to me, I don’t know how I would make it,” she says turning to Kelly Newton, administrative assistant at the Institute of Public Safety.

Abigail will transfer to South Florida State University (SFU) to complete her bachelor’s in Criminology. She leaves some words of advice for students who sometimes feel like giving up ‘Always focus on the end, not the present. You’ll get there.”

If you’re inspired by Abigail’s journey, let Broward College help you get started on your career in Criminal Justice.