Broward College Partners with Wyncode to Enhance Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology Curriculum

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (August 1, 2019) – In another move to strengthen its information technology programs and offer the most advanced training, Broward College has teamed up with Wyncode, a Miami-based coding academy, to offer its students a new pathway into the world of web development.

Founded in 2014, Wyncode is an award-winning organization that has provided hundreds of individuals and companies with web development training. Wyncode, working alongside Labcode, a recently founded company that provides students from middle school, high school and college access to coding camps in South Florida, will offer boot camps and workshops to students enrolled in select Broward College web development courses. 

Starting this fall, the College will offer five new competency-based courses under the bachelor degree in Information Technology's Web Development specialization. These courses include Web Development I-IV and a Web Development Capstone. To support these courses, Wyncode will help support hands-on workshops to approximately 15-30 Broward College students per semester. As part of this partnership, students will earn 15 of the 27 specialization credits required for their Information Technology bachelor's degree through competency-based education, while gaining industry-relevant skills and hands-on experience in coding through Wyncode's highly recognized curriculum and training.

"We strive to align our curriculum and programs to meet market demands in some of the fastest-growing industries. This partnership allows us to give our students an advantage in web development, and ultimately access to high-quality jobs in the region," said Broward College President Gregory Adam Haile, Esq. "It is a pleasure to partner with  Wyncode, and this partnership is a reflection of their focus on ensuring everyone has access to the skills that will define our workforce future."

Juha Mikkola, co-founder, and CEO of Wyncode and John Moreno-Escobar, founder and CEO of Labcode, both commended the College and its academic team for the collective approach to help students develop the talent and skills that companies need.  

"At Wyncode, we believe in partnering with organizations that are impacting our local communities," said Juha Mikkola. "When the opportunity to work with Broward College, which has over 60,000 undergraduate students, came up, we were extremely excited. We are looking forward to Broward College students accessing Wyncode's award-winning curriculum and learning the skills that today's technology companies are looking for." 

"We partnered with Broward College because we know that it is all about providing access to educational opportunities," said John Moreno-Escobar. "We look forward to this partnership and impacting our local community together."



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