It’s the fourth week of remote learning for students through the spring semester, as part of efforts to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 outbreak. Broward College has resolved to support students in their journey to complete their academic goals. The unexpected transition has been a test for many as they find their footing in the remote learning environment.

We spoke with the representatives of the Student Government Association (SGA) for North, the A. Hugh Adams Central, and Judson A. Samuels South campuses, who shared how they have been coping themselves and how they are helping their peers in this crisis.

Support for our Peers

Over the past few weeks, students have recognized the extensive set of resources the College has available to them. “Broward College has been extremely helpful with the great number of resources they are offering us the students to keep in track and to make this challenging situation a lot more manageable,” says Tyshawn Stubbs, SGA president for North Campus.

Also, the SGA members have played a significant role as mediators between their peers and administrators. They have remained in daily contact with students through a group chat for members of the student-run clubs. SGA has also received questions and concerns through social media channels such as Instagram.

“Through our group chat, we reach around 50 club members who, in turn, reach additional students,” explains Gabriel De Moura, SGA president for South Campus. We continuously offer the College’s updates and resources and keep an open line of communications so we can express their concerns or questions so we can direct them to the people who can help them.”

“The resources we share go beyond Broward College,” explains Erika Noel, SGA president for Central Campus. “We also understand that our peers, very much like ourselves, are experiencing financial and mental health hardship, so we share resources that adapt to that side as well. And at the same time, we encourage those who can take advantage of resources to expand their skill set.”

The Challenges we Face

During this crisis, Gabriel says he personally understands the various struggles faced by his peers. “It’s been extremely hard for me to adapt to this,” he says. “First, I’m not a remote learner, I get distracted a lot, and I’m not good with self-discipline. I also had to move away from Florida because I couldn’t afford it after not having my job anymore, so I’m with my family, and it’s hard to do any work while they are around the house.”

Tyshawn and Erika relate to Gabriel to some degree. While their situation is a bit different, they have been experiencing similar obstacles. “For me, it’s been more about the resources at home, I had been without a laptop until I was recently able to get one from the College,” explains Tyshawn. As for Erika, who also works, keeping up a routine after this long is becoming harder. “I was just so used to being on campus and getting into school mode. At the beginning of the remote learning, it wasn’t too bad, but the longer this goes on, the more difficult it becomes for me to know how to manage my time between my school and my free time,” she says.

Stronger Together

While dealing with obstacles one day at a time, the SGA representatives remain hopeful and determined to succeed and help their peers. “Personally, what I miss the most is having that daily encounter with my peers and my professors,” says Tyshawn. “But while we may not be able to see each other face-to-face, for the time being, we must continue to check on each other and offer our help to others.”

Students can stay connected with their SGA representatives via the following social media channels:

North Campus: IG @bcnorthsg

Central Campus: @bccentralsl

South Campus: IG @bcsouthsga

If you are experiencing extra hardship during self-isolation, Broward College is offering an extensive set of resources that address academic tutoring, peer mentoring, mental health, and more. You can find a full list of the student resources here.