rachel-guran-1.jpegIn Hollywood, Florida, Rachel Guran is up on her feet visiting the team of nurses and doctors in the hospitals of the Memorial Healthcare System. As the Director of Epidemiology and Infection Prevention, Rachel is a front-line employee every day, but even more so now as hospitals are overwhelmingly tending to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. As she walks the hallways along with her team, their task is to educate patients, staff, and the general public in the most effective ways to prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19.

philip-velez.jpgA few floors down, in the warehouse of the hospital, Philip Velez is on the phone in a constant effort to assess the material needed by the doctors, nurses, and all other hospital personnel manning the upper floors. After all, as the Director of Inventory and Supply, Philip is tasked with guaranteeing the hospital has enough medical supplies from syringes and band-aids to personal protective equipment.

Rachel and Philip have a few things in common, besides working in the same hospital, they are both front-line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and, they are proud Broward College grads. Graduates across all pathways are currently serving on the front-lines. From nurses to police officers to supply chain workers, our grads are putting their skills to the test during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meeting Workforce Demands with Exceptional Graduates

For 60 years, Broward College provided programs designed to meet the workforce demands of our community. Among the most popular programs the College offers are Nursing, Supervision and Management, and the Police Academy. These programs are not only the most sought-after, but they have been recognized for their exceptional curriculum.

raw_0895-768x512.jpgFor instance, in 2019, more than 96 percent of Broward College Nursing students passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), and the most recent Florida placement data has shown that over 98 percent of Nursing graduates are currently in the workforce across the state. When it comes to the College’s Police Academy, passing rates are quite similar. In 2019, 96 percent of the officers that completed the basic training passed the Florida Department of Law Enforcement State Officer Certification program in their first attempt, which places the College first in the state when it comes to success rate from their graduates. 

Crucial Careers

ac81792-768x513.jpgWithin the health sciences, careers such as medical assisting, radiography and respiratory care, among others, are equally as important. In public safety, firefighters and paramedics are also key. In addition to healthcare and public safety personnel, graduates in careers like supply chain management, business administration, or supervision and management are essential to support the general public and frontline employees.

From the store manager at your local Publix to the warehouse employee doing inventory for personal protective equipment, graduates from these programs are answering the call to serve their communities.

Over the next few days, we will explore the stories and choices that took Rachel, Philip, and other Broward College grads to becoming frontline workers during this pandemic. 

Interested in a career in Health Sciences, Public Safety or Supply Chain Management? Broward College offers high-quality education for an affordable price.