The comprehensive list of courses offers basic and specialized skills training.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (May 12, 2020) – There is good news for residents looking to enhance their skills this summer as Broward College has launched a series of free Workforce Education Non-Credit programs.  The courses, varying from self-development to specialized training, are intended to support those looking to develop new skills as they navigate uncertainty as a result of COVID-19. The courses provide job seekers and employees with cost-effective ways to improve their knowledge and prepare for career advancements.

“As we move into a new dynamic world of work, Broward College serves as a one-stop workforce resource for the community,” said Dr. Mildred Coyne, senior vice president of Workforce Education and Innovation at Broward College. “These short skills programs will help individuals reinvent and equip themselves during this crisis to emerge strong and competitive.”

The courses are self-paced and can be completed in one month, but participants will have up to three months, allowing them to move at their preferred speed.  Classes have a final exam, and upon completion, participants receive a certificate of skill, and in some cases, an industry certification. Most of the courses are open access and available to everyone, including recent high school graduates. The price for the Open Access and Retail course certificates is usually $199, while the average cost of Broward UP courses is $499. 

An overview of the main courses is below: 

Open Access

  • Creating Webpages 
  • Creating WordPress Websites 
  • Fundamentals of Supervision and Management  
  • Successful Job Search  
  • Keys to Effective Communication  
  • Managing Customer Service 
  • Marketing Your Business on the Internet 
  • Personal Finance 
  • Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring 

Teacher Training 

  • Integrating Technology in the Classroom  

This course is available to teachers who live and work in Broward UP zip codes – 33069, 33319, 33309, 33313, 33311 and 33023 can access this at


Industry Certification  

  • Retail Industry Specialist -Certification  

Industry certification offers approved curriculum to students who have met or exceeded the established industry standard. Participants can use this course to further their studies in related areas.

Detailed course descriptions and registration is available here or email  


Broward UP 

The College is also offering several online courses for residents and city employees in specific zip codes. These courses are provided through Broward UP, the community-centric approach developed by Broward College to improve access to higher education residents in Broward County zip codes with disproportionately high unemployment rates, low education attainment, and low household income. For more details contact


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