A new reality has emerged due to the current COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has changed the world as we know it – from safety precautions that will become our new normal to a new dynamic in the workforce, evolution is inevitable. The economic impact of COVID-19 is still being assessed, but as of April, the United States’ unemployment rate increased to 14.7 percent from the 3.5 percent it previously recorded in February, according to the U.S. Labor Department.

Although there is a high level of uncertainty regarding the jobs that will still exist post-pandemic or new ones that will emerge, industry leaders strongly suggest that people take this time to learn or enhance their skill set. Matt Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass Technologies, explains to The Chicago Tribune that people should “focus on gaining the skills that will be valuable when the economy starts rolling again. That is going to differ depending on the field you’re in, but online learning is probably going to be the way to go, whether you are looking to gain skills that will be needed in your industry or if you are looking to transition into another field.” 

To assist those affected by job loss, or people looking to upskill, Broward College launched a series of free Workforce Education Non-Credit courses for residents looking to expand their qualifications and skills. The courses vary from self-development to specialized training, which is free of cost and self-paced to allow participants to complete in a little as a month. Participants will have up to three months to complete the course load and final exam, after which they will receive a certificate of skill or industry certification. The courses are open to everyone, although there are some specific to Broward UP. Broward UP, the UP, meaning “unlimited potential,” continues efforts to improve the lives of residents in Broward County zip codes with disproportionately high unemployment rates, low education attainment, and low household income. Broward UP focuses on communities in these zip codes: 33069, 33319, 33309, 33313, 33311 and 33023.

The price for the Open Access and Retail course certificates is usually $199, while the average cost of Broward UP courses is $499.

What’s available?

Open Access Courses – these courses help strengthen necessary business skills that align with your profession or can be used for personal development.

  • Creating Webpages
  • Creating WordPress Websites
  • Fundamentals of Supervision and Management  
  • Successful Job Search  
  • Keys to Effective Communication  
  • Managing Customer Service
  • Marketing Your Business on the Internet
  • Personal Finance
  • Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring

Additional Training and Certification

Specialized training in Integrating Technology in the Classroom is available to teachers who live and work in one of the BROWARD UP zip codes. They can access this by reaching out to ce@broward.edu.

A Retail Industry Specialist course is also available to students who meet the established industry standard and allows them to further their education in the field.

Broward UP Courses

To find out more about the online courses offered through Broward UP, contact gklonari@broward.edu.

Get the edge you need to achieve your goals. Detailed course descriptions and registration are available here or email ce@broward.edu.