Attention Seahawks! Mark your calendars for the upcoming seventh annual edition of the Music, Film, Literature, and Art Festival (MFLA) from March 9 to 19, 2021. The festival, hosted by the English and English for Academic Purposes Department at the Judson A. Samuels South Campus, will explore this year’s theme “Amidst the Chaos: Rise Up and Move Forward" through events centered on the visual and performing arts and letters.

The theme, which seeks to explore and reflect on the unprecedented events of 2020, was selected by the organizing committee, comprised of over 30 faculty and staff from different disciplines and departments. All programming is created and hosted by faculty and staff, including part-time staff.

"MFLA started as an idea to celebrate the arts and letters at Broward College, and it first began on the Judson A. South Campus,” says Dr. Billy Jones, assistant professor, English, and co-chair of the MFLA committee. “As the years passed, we progressed and have grown the festival exponentially by including faculty and staff from across the College.”

How It Started and How It’s Going

mfla-2020.jpgMFLA has grown since its inception in 2015 from a two-day event to a full two weeks of programming for a wider audience.  “We are so happy to have the opportunity to grow the festival and to reach more people not only within the College but beyond the college community,” says Dr. Jones. Over the years, attendance has grown, having reached a record of over 1,000 attendees in 2018.

As expected, given the current circumstances, the festival will be held virtually. The committee is excited about the opportunities this brings. They can "provide a more robust experience," as explained by Dr. Jones, and allow the possibility for everyone to attend from the comfort of their homes.

What to Expect This Edition

MFLA will feature panels and discussions to musical and dance performances. College members and the general community can expect to experience high-quality engagements, including interactive activities and lectures with special guests among the top professionals in their respective fields in the South Florida region.

“Being remote was a great challenge to have because it allowed us to be more creative and thoughtful about the programming," says Regine Darius, assistant professor, English, and co-chair of the organizing committee. "I think we have put together a strong, meaningful calendar of events that celebrates the arts and letters and reflects on the events of the past year."  A primary goal of the committee was to create programming with a meaningful impact on student success. "The festival is an extracurricular activity that highlights the magic happening in our classrooms," adds Dr. Jones.

Darius is bringing innovation into MFLA this year as she was the mastermind behind the brand-new Seahawk Writing Conference (SWC), an all-day event on March 12, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., where faculty will hold workshops and craft talks. Award-winning author Julie Marie Wade will headline the event. Faculty and staff who attend the SWC will earn up to six Professional Development credits through the Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning (CTEL).

"We encourage all our students, faculty, and staff to attend the conference and the festival overall. It will be a holistic experience through which we will be able to see the creativity of our college community and how the arts affect the world and our everyday lives," says Darius.

Explore the full list of events and synopsis for each engagement here. Are you ready to add MFLA to your calendar? You can register through their Eventbrite page.
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