Rosean Monteith will be completing an extraordinary milestone this May. He will become the first in his family to graduate college. While this accomplishment is impressive enough on its own, for Rosean, it represents the power of perseverance and second chances.

His path up until enrolling at Broward College was plagued with obstacles that, as he explains, made him feel hopeless. But, he found a powerful support network among his peers and some extraordinary College employees that he is grateful to and credits with helping him achieve this goal. However, those challenges also allowed him to discover his passion. Rosean is graduating with an Associate of Arts with a concentration in Social Work and will continue his educational journey at Florida Atlantic University, where he will pursue a degree in Public Management.

Finding His Calling

A Jamaican native, Rosean migrated to the United States with his dad. He struggled to adapt to the change in environment and faced family issues. During his late teens, he struggled with his mental health and faced homelessness. 

The experiences forced him to grow up fast and fend for himself at a very young age. Despite it all, he was able to turn his life around. As an active member of church, Rosean met a representative of the local organization HANDY, a nonprofit that assists children and youth achieve positive, lasting change. With their support, Rosean was placed in the care of a relative, received counseling, and was able to continue his high school education.

“My life experience, as difficult as it was, resulted in me figuring out that I want to help others, especially youth that may be going through something similar. I want to do for them what I wish my own family had done for me,” he says. “And even after all that I went through, I was able to come out on the other side better. I was able to grow from the experience and start over with the help I received.”

Seizing that Second Chance

Enrolling at Broward College was the beginning of that second chance in life for Rosean. Despite still feeling a little lost at the time, Rosean was determined to make the most of the opportunity. He got involved in different extracurricular activities, including the Student Government Association, became a Student Ambassador for Student Life, and founded the Multicultural Club at the Partnership Centers. Additionally, Rosean built a great relationship with then Dean Sheila Fabius, who he saw as a mentor during his time as a Seahawk.

“Being so involved in student life and extracurricular activities allowed me to experience a variety of opportunities that allowed me to learn exciting new things, expand my skill set, and meet incredible people throughout,” he says.

As the curtains draw to a close on his experience  at Broward College, Rosean is grateful for the support he received from the College. “If it weren’t for all the support and the resources available to the students, I wouldn’t be crossing this major goal. It makes a world of difference to have the resources we do,” he says.

Inspired by Rosean’s story? You can help others by pursuing a career in Social Work, or any other career path in the Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services pathway.
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