Rapid Credentials Program Receives Additional Funding to Offer Courses at No Cost Through August 31

Over 500 students have completed credentials; enrollment currently open to assist more students.


FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (June 24, 2021) -- Broward College can now offer more students short-term training at no cost for the summer term ending August 31, 2021, having received an additional $370,000 in state funding to the Rapid Credentials program. Rapid Credentials help people boost their earning potential, gain a competitive edge, and fast-track their careers through in-demand, high-quality workforce education. These courses and certifications are offered at no cost to students thanks to a partnership with the Florida Department of Education.

Rapid Credentials are offered in nine different categories: certification courses; health care education; supply chain management certifications; business; education; industry, manufacturing, construction, and transportation; public safety; STEM; and social, behavioral sciences, and human services. These programs help individuals train in a minimum amount of time to quickly join the workforce in a high-wage career with their technical certificate and/or industry certification. 

The College has received positive responses from Rapid Credential participants so far. The most in-demand courses are Lean Six Sigma-Green Belt and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) in the continuing education category; Medical Assistant and EKG Technician in the continuing education health sciences category; and Transportation and Logistics and Warehousing in the supply chain management category. Since the College launched Rapid Credentials in fall 2020, 296 students have completed technical certifications, 155 students have completed continuing education courses, and 110 have completed continuing education health sciences courses. In addition, through a grant from Florida Power and Light, 228 Rapid Credential students have also received free laptops to help support their educational needs.

"Whether someone is looking to make a career change or for a way to stand out in their current industry, we offer several courses and certifications," said Karlos Barnes, senior student support and employment specialist at Broward College. "This summer, we are especially focused on training in some of our most in-demand industries, and we've seen great success. I encourage everyone to take advantage of what we have to offer. The only qualification is that you be a Florida resident."

Below are highlights of some of the success stories of Rapid Credential participants:

Sarah Edouard

Sarah Edouard recently completed the Medical Assisting course. She recognized how much she learned in such a short period, and now, she is working on pre-requisites to continue with nursing school. She said, "I am more than grateful to have been a part of this journey. The Medical Assistant course has impacted my life and education by expanding my knowledge of the medical field. Our Basic Life Support (BLS) instructor was amazing. It was exciting learning how to do CPR on adults, children, and babies. This is a skill I will use for the rest of my life, whether working as a nurse or away from work. I have gained a great number of skills during the boot camp training as well.”

Maria Mezquita

Maria Mezquita participated in the clinical Medical Assistant course and boot camp. After completing both, Maria feels confident in her skills and ready to take on a job as a Clinical Medical Assistant. This great achievement would not have been possible without the Rapid Credentials grant. Maria said, “The chance that this grant has provided me will not only help me get back on my feet, but it is also a great accomplishment. This new career will make me more marketable in the medical field. I am now Basic Life Support (BSL) certified.”

Valentin Ortega

Valentin Ortega is currently enrolled in the Rapid Credentials program, completing a technical certificate in Airport Operations Management. "I was privileged in receiving a new laptop computer provided by Broward College in partnership with Florida Power and Light,” he said. “Completing this program will give me leverage in the Aviation Industry and the possibility of obtaining a job in the different operational or commercial areas. The credential program is definitely a good choice for anyone seeking the opportunity to enter the workforce community and pursue an associate degree.”

Deirdre Pryce

Intending to give back to small Jamaican businesses, Deirdre Pryce completed four technical certificates, with the Accounting Specialist credential being her interest. Thanks to the support of the Rapid Credentials team and the program in the Deerfield Beach community, Deirdre applied for jobs and was offered a position in her desired field of accounting. She said, "The journey was challenging; however, as an optimist, I focus on the end results of choices. Today, I must say this program has been a blessing, and I have been so touched by its outcomes that I have become a silent ambassador for the Rapid Credentials program. I have shared the benefits in my own little space and hope my impact will be the same or greater for another student.”

Ready to advance your education and career opportunities with a short course this summer? Broward College hosts Rapid Credential webinars every Tuesday and Thursday at noon. Click here to sign up and for additional information.

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