From a very young age, Rudy Jean-Bart has been exposed to the meaning of activism and fighting for what you believe. Born and raised in Miami, Jean-Bart is the son of Haitian parents. His father, a leader of the Haitian refugee movement and activist, and his mom worked at the Haitian refugee center.

It was no surprise that growing up in such a passionate household would play a part in his future. In addition to his role at Broward College, where he currently serves as associate dean, Institute of Public Safety, Jean-Bart has always been at the forefront of issues such as racial equity and social justice, participating as a keynote speaker and panelist in many events. Before his role as associate dean, Jean-Bart was a faculty member for a decade, mainly teaching African American history. Currently, he serves as chair of the Advisory Council for the Advancement of Diversity, Equity, (ACADEI)and Inclusion at the College.

It's Not Just a Month

Rudy Jean BartTo Jean-Bart, Black History Month is a year-round celebration. “I’m a firm believer in consistently living a particular life,” he explains. “Meaning that instead of gearing up for a particular holiday or celebration, I practice those values and beliefs all year-round.”

However, that does not diminish its significance. If anything, it enhances its value. As Jean-Bart explains, "Black History Month is important because, without it, the reminders of the contributions of people of African descent is easy for history to be tossed aside, so it's imperative always to remember the sacrifices made to get to where we are.”

Jean-Bart also emphasizes that without the contributions of Black people, the United States wouldn’t be what it is and where it is today.

Hopes for the Future

As a father, Jean-Bart knows how crucial it is to build a legacy. He considers family as legacy builders, explaining that each generation will contribute something different, “a block he calls it,” to that legacy.

“My father was great at passing on the importance of education and caring for your people, for example,” he says. “For my son, I will not only be passing that along, but I will also add my own contribution – the power of kindness, which hopefully he will pass on to his own children in addition to his own contribution and so on.”

Black History Month 2022 focuses on Black Health and Wellness and celebrates the contributions of Black scholars and medical practitioners. Learn how Broward College is celebrating here

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