The climbing temperatures and daily rain showers have made it very clear in South Florida: Summer is here. But just because the spring semester is over doesn’t mean you have to take your mind off the books.

Maintain the Momentum

Of course, the best way to keep your mind sharp this summer should come as no surprise: Keep learning! Broward College offers three sessions of summer classes, running from May to August. Curious about taking a summer class? There’s still time! The last day to register for courses for Summer 2023 is July 1. (Register now if you’re interested!)

However, if choose to take a break from coursework during the summer, it’s important to maintain your study habits and educational routines.

Broward College offers plenty of resources to keep you in peak academic shape over the summer, ranging from the Academic Success Centers (available on all three campuses) to Career Centers, and Academic Advising. That’s not to mention the Broward College Library System, which is a joint-use partnership with Florida Atlantic University and the Broward County Library System. Broward College advisors and librarians are available to help you find the resources you need to sharpen your academic skills, prepare for a test, or refresh a classroom topic this summer. A visit to any one of these (air-conditioned!) locations would be a great first step in your study summer routine.    

Whether  you choose to take a class or not, if you would rather take summer studying into your own hands , below is a list of handy tips that will help you keep your academic “cool” during these hot summer months.

  1. Set a Goal

Don’t let your academic goals languish in the summer sun. Make sure you set a goal for something you want to learn or accomplish. Create a book list, commit to keeping a journal, earn a new credential, or start learning a new language. Whatever your goal may be, make sure it is measurable, attainable, and fulfilling. With a sense of purpose, you can achieve any academic goal.

  1. Maintain a Schedule

Good study habits don’t form on their own. They come from making a plan and sticking to it. Make sure to set aside some time each day or week to devote to your academics.  Then, make learning a priority – as essential as brushing your teeth. That way, when you return to class, you’ll have no problem adjusting to the demands of your class schedule as you balance work, family, and the rest of your life.

  1. Get Together

Learning doesn’t have to be a solo journey. It’s more fun to study together. If you’re able, try to form a study group or book club. Get together with likeminded friends to discuss your career path and job-growth opportunities. Learning and studying – and sticking to that ever-so-important schedule – are much easier when you have friends to keep you accountable. In a group, you’ll help each other grow.

  1. Ask for Help

Curious about how to put together a summer study plan? Your student success coach and academic advisor probably have the answer. Remember, all degree-seeking students are assigned a student success coach and academic advisor. They can help you explore your academic interests, identify resources for additional information and support, and develop plans of study appropriate for your educational goals. The same applies for career growth. The summer is the perfect time to start an internship or apprenticeship. Inquire with organizations within your career field about how you can make the most of your summer vacation.

  1. Get Some Rest

Let’s face it – you deserve some rest and relaxation! Take a trip to somewhere new, start a project, or simply relax in the shade to recharge your batteries for the next study session. Your brain will thank you come the start of fall semester. Have a great summer!

To browse all of the academic resources available to you this summer, visit our Student Resource Directory page. For additional study tips (including how to write a professional email to your teacher or advisor) view our Resources & Helpful Links page.

Want to start a job or internship this summer? Find one on our Internship Job Board.

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