Graduation often seemed like a distant reality for Broward College student Eadina Jackson-Hunt. At age 45, she felt unsure of how she could juggle the responsibilities of being a mother, wife, and full-time employee as she pursued her B.S. in Teacher Education.

But now, as she prepares to walk across the graduation stage and receive her diploma at Broward College’s Fall 2023 Commencement on December 14, 2023, she has come to a different realization: that despite life’s challenges, she has the power to transform doubt into destiny.

Eadina’s transformative journey was far from easy. As she reflects on her time at Broward College, she doesn’t fail to note the major challenges and obstacles that crossed her path.

“I needed a program that could somehow fit into all of the life I had going on,” said Eadina. “There were times when I felt like I wouldn’t make it. Yet as each semester progressed, I realized, ‘I’m one step closer!’ After that, there was nothing stopping me.”

Eadina is quick to note that she wasn’t alone on this journey. She shows deep gratitude for the unwavering support of her professors and the meaningful relationships she made with colleagues and friends during her time at Broward College.

“The support I had from my classmates was an added bonus,” said Eadina. “We as a graduating class have cried, self-doubted, and probably all had times where we couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We encouraged each other to make it here today.”

For Eadina, this achievement is more than just a diploma. It's the key to unlocking her passion for teaching. The program not only equipped her with the necessary knowledge and skills but also provided a nurturing environment and work-life balance that allowed her to thrive. Her success story serves as an inspiration to anyone facing a similar story.

“If you are here today and on a similar path in life, please know that you can make it,” said Eadina. “You can achieve your life’s dreams at Broward College where, as a student, no matter your circumstances, you too can achieve your life’s goal. I can say this program has made everything possible!”

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