Broward County just became safer now that two of Broward College’s newest graduates—Philippe Nevert Guillaume and Amane Shuman—have joined the criminal justice force. Despite their diverse backgrounds, these students have found a common bond in their shared passion for criminal justice and in their promise to uphold the principles of fairness, equality, and the pursuit of a just society fortified by their programs at Broward College’s Institute of Public Safety. 

philippe guillaumePhilippe, 54, came to Broward College from a backdrop of adversity and hardship. Born in Haiti, he moved with his family to the United States in his 20s and enlisted in the U.S. Army, serving for 20 years. “Since I entered the United States, I was dedicated to pursuing a goal that I set for myself, which was to follow in my father's footsteps by joining the military,” he said. 

Philippe was proud to fight for his new home country, taking great honor in donning the uniform of a U.S. Army Soldier. But early on in his Army career, tragedy struck. During training for his Military Occupation Specialty, he was notified that his father had passed away. Philippe’s determination—along with support from his family—helped pull him through. After completing a prestigious career as a U.S. Soldier, Philippe decided to turn his experience in safety and security into a career in law enforcement. He recently completed his associate degree at Broward College, and upon graduation, he intends to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University. His ultimate career ambitions aim even higher: He wants to join the United Nations to help strengthen the criminal justice system worldwide. 

“After 19 months of hard work, I am now about to complete my first associate degree,” said Philippe. “This story can inspire other veterans to follow a similar path to keep improving themselves through education and become better citizens.” 

amane shumanAmane, 23, originally from Palestine, began her career at Broward College in 2018, earning an Associate of Art degree with a focus in Criminal Justice. She, too, faced obstacles during her studies, serving as a caretaker for her ill parents as she juggled work and school. Despite life’s challenges, she managed to earn a spot on the president’s list, a major achievement testifying to her academic excellence and dedication. After earning her associate degree, she decided to leverage her education by transferring to Florida International University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. There she also excelled academically, having notched her name on the dean’s list during her graduating year. Maintaining the momentum, she returned to Broward College in 2023 to pursue a Crime Scene Technician Certificate, and she hopes the next step on her path will include working with a local law enforcement agency. 

“I had the most meaningful experience at Broward College during all my hands-on crime scene classes,” she said. “My professors answered all my questions and offered wise advice.” 

Now, as Philippe and Amane graduate and join the ranks of Broward County's law enforcement community, their journeys from adversity to achievement will serve as an inspiration to prospective students, illustrating the transformative power of education and resilience in the pursuit of a safer, more just society. 

Are you interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice? Broward College can make your dream a reality. Visit the College’s Institute of Public Safety page to find your future in public service.