barbara knight gradBroward College student Barbara Knight knows that when it comes to conquering adversity, sometimes you have to make your own shining armor.  

All academic pursuits are tales of dedication, resilience, and overcoming unexpected challenges. But Barbara's story is exceptional, given the lengths she had to go to navigate the ups and downs of life, loss, and the pursuit of education. 

Barbara’s academic journey began in 2013, when she earned an Associate of Science degree with High Honors at Broward College. Her career took off from there, but her eye remained squarely on advancing her education. In 2021 she returned to Broward College to pursue an Associate of Arts, and during her studies, she even managed earn a spot on the President's List and Honor Roll. August 2023 marked another significant milestone with Barbara earning her Associate of Arts degree with Honors. 

Even better: Barbara had a companion to accompany her on her journey, her best friend Benita. She and Benita envisioned pursuing their bachelor's degrees together, sharing dreams and aspirations. Barbara was also cheered on by her mother, who was rooting for her to succeed along every step of her academic journey.  

Then, life took a shocking twist.  

In 2017, Barbara's mother fell ill. Faced with the responsibility of caregiving, Barbara made the tough decision to leave school temporarily. The passing of Barbara's mother in 2017 was a profound loss, marking a chapter of grief and adjustment. Still, she carried on. 

Tragically, the narrative took another heartbreaking turn when, in 2019, Benita passed away unexpectedly. The loss of a dear friend intensified Barbara's grief, leaving her to grapple with the void left by both her mother and Benita. 

Amidst sorrow and mourning, Barbara dug deep and found the inner strength to persevere. Determined to honor the dreams she shared with Benita and her mother, Barbara made the courageous decision to return to school and complete what she started. The journey back to the classroom was not just a pursuit of academic excellence; it was a testament to Barbara's resilience, a tribute to the memories of her mother and best friend.  

And of course, there’s a happy ending. In December 2023, Barbara Knight graduated with a B.A.S. in Technology Management from Broward College, adding yet another credential to her sterling resume and honoring the legacies of her loved ones.  

Barbara's story serves as an inspiration for anyone facing adversity on their academic journey. It’s a reminder that education is not just about grades and accolades; it is a journey of personal growth, tenacity, and the indomitable spirit to triumph over life's tribulations. 

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