By Swami Hinojosa
Editor-in-Chief, The Observer

As part of its mission to transform the lives of students, Broward College supports student success academically, as well as nurturing their personal growth and fulfillment through initiatives like Student Peer Mentoring a transformational program that ensures you have the support you need to achieve your goals from aa trusted companion who is walking in your shoes.

The Peer Mentoring and Leadership Program offers many opportunities for students to thrive. There's something for everyone, from social events and networking activities to educational workshops and community service projects. Plus, mentees can access exclusive scholarship opportunities and valuable resources to help them succeed.

Andrew Kooper and his mentor Gavin Louis are part of a fantastic program that has made a massive difference in their lives. Andrew said, "I was lost and needed guidance, but thanks to this peer program, I feel like I have a friend who's there for me, and I've built some great friendships." This program is about so much more than just academics. It's about sharing experiences, taking advantage of opportunities, and feeling like you belong.

Andrew said, "One of the best things I've learned is how to prepare for each semester by choosing classes and professors that work with my learning style." Gavin adds, "As a mentor, I'm not trying to be a superhero all the time, but I do my best and know it's worth it." 

What makes this program so unique? It's the trust and support that mentors like Gavin provide. "Mentors help you be more open to trying new things and taking advantage of school resources," Andrew said. Gavin emphasizes the importance of establishing short- and long-term goals to guide the mentoring journey effectively. 

Students develop essential skills like communication, resilience, and perseverance through peer mentoring. They learn from the experiences of others, building a support system based on encouragement and personal growth. "At first, I was in a shell, but with the help of Gavin, I can make new connections," said Andrew.

Are you ready to take the first step towards unlocking your full potential and achieving success? Consider joining the Student Peer Mentoring and Leadership Program at Broward College. Connecting with like-minded peers and gaining invaluable insights can advance your educational pathway and set you up for a brighter future. With a dedicated mentor by your side, the possibilities are endless. Take advantage of this life-changing opportunity. Start your success story today by joining the Peer Mentoring and Leadership Program.


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