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Aug 17

From Teaching to Technology: How Pre-Apprenticeship Student Samantha Dupuy Bridged the Gap from Higher Education to IT

Broward College student Samantha Dupuy is currently wrapping up an apprenticeship as an IT Support Specialist. She previously worked in both higher...

May 24

Elastic Mind: How Broward College Instructor Kohl King’s New Art Exhibit Celebrates Artists who Innovate and Thrive

For artists of every stripe, the past few years have been a test of resilience, flexibility, and innovation. The COVID-19 pandemic and the remote...

May 9

Finding the Good in Everything: How One Broward College Graduate Spends His Time Helping Others

Jean Saintgeorges, 20, is a 2023 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Scholar and the only recipient among the six semifinalists shortlisted...

May 8

We Did This Together: How Two Sisters' Experiences Led Them to Pursue Nursing

Sisters Karin Jordan, 38, and Marina Bertrand, 40, have been in-sync since birth. They are not exactly twins, but they find themselves presented...

May 8

A Noteworthy Performance: Broward College Graduate Carolina Ramos Applies Lessons from the Bandstand to Life Outside Classroom

It's often said that success in college – and life – requires a fair bit of improvisation. Few students know that, as well as...

May 5

A Little Help from My Friends: How Eric Lopez and Erika Gonzales’ 20-Year Friendship at Broward College Made Dreams Come True

Erika Gonzales and Eric Lopez’s friendship story has been 20 years in the making. Eric, an administrative assistant at Broward College,...

May 5

Broward College Academy Helps High School Student Open Doors

Tasfia Tazri Howlader, 17, was in the 10th grade when she came to Broward College as a Dual Enrollment student. As a Bangladeshi American and...

May 5

Lean Into Your Community: How This Broward College Student Overcame Challenges

Philippe Kevin Lyberal, 23, was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As an international student, Philippe faced unique challenges. He had no...

May 4

Two of a Kind: College Academy Twins Harryson and Herbert Ferreira to Attend University Together on Full Scholarship

The greater Broward College community is known colloquially as the Seahawk Family, and for most students, the close-knit cohort of faculty, staff,...

Apr 27

A Courageous Voyage: Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, Bold, Innovative Female Executive of a Luxury Cruise Company, to Deliver Keynote Address at Broward College Spring 2023 Commencement

In a complex, male-dominated industry, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo charted her own course to success. Lutoff-Perlo, a nearly 40-year veteran of the cruise...

Feb 9

Court to College Diversion Program Offers 24-Year-Old a Career Path

“Honestly, I’m really nervous,” 24-year-old Mark would repeat numerous times as he told his story. In the end, it was his...

Feb 3

First Poet Laureate of Coconut Creek and Distinguished Finalist for the 2022 Professor of the Year

Laura McDermott Matheric has the power to make it look like there are more than 24 hours in a day. An associate professor of English at Broward...

Jan 12

Broward College Observes MLK Day with Third Year of Service in Support of LifeNet4Families

Whether in the classroom or in the community, Broward College has a long-standing commitment to supporting the community. The College prides itself...

Dec 15

It Takes a Village: How Broward College Nursing Student Doraine Forrest Balanced the Challenges of a Full Life with an Education

Pursing higher education already comes with its own set of challenges and commitments. Combine that with being a single mother and caring for your...

Dec 14

Seventh Heaven: Broward College Student Achieves Higher Education Dream after Seven Years of Service and Faith

For Deidre Robinson-Wiggins, seven is a lucky number. Deidre is the seventh child of her large family of 11. She weighed 7.7 pounds at birth, and...

Dec 14

Embracing College Life with Open Arms: How Broward College Education Student Elizabeth Lopez-Sanchez Found her Community and Discovered Herself

When Elizabeth Lopez-Sanchez graduates from Broward College this December, earning her Associate of Arts in Education degree, she will be the first...

Dec 13

A Place for Me: How Broward College Hospitality and Tourism Student Nicolas Rangel De Pinto Found Encouragement in the Classroom and Beyond

As a young student in Venezuela, Nicolas Rangel De Pinto had few places to find respite from hardship. His social life was beset by constant...

Dec 12

Making The Best of a Surprising Situation: How Broward College Nursing Student Found Herself in the Health Care Field After a 25-Year-Long Career

If you asked Patricia Morgan, 59, five years ago where she saw herself now, she wouldn’t have said graduating with an Associate of Science in...

Dec 9

A Bronx Tale: Broward College Student and New York Native Rafael Vidal Jr. Learns to Expand Comfort Zone and Thrive in New Academic Environment

As a transplant to South Florida from the Bronx, Broward College student Rafael Vidal, Jr., traded one fast-paced environment for another. But for...

Dec 8

Brave New World: How Broward College New Media Communications Graduate Brianna Randle Is Prepared to Succeed in a Changing Social Media Landscape

When it comes to social media marketing and digital content creation, Broward College student Brianna Randle is a pro. Literally. The 21-year-old...

Nov 30

Dream Maker: How Broward College Professor Dr. Billy Jones Invests in the Future through Support of the American Dream Scholarship

Dr. Billy Jones is a full-time professor of English at Broward College, serving since 2014. A South Florida native, he has long had a love for...

Nov 30

President and CEO of BBX Capital Jarett S. Levan on How Broward UP Propels Students to New Entrepreneurial Heights

An individual donor to Broward College since 2019, Jarett Levan serves as president and chief executive officer and director of BBX Capital, Inc....

Nov 28

Bestselling Author Brad Meltzer, Fall 2022 Commencement Speaker: Encouraging Graduates to Write their own Story and Change History

Brad Meltzer has built a career on discovery and adventure. As a #1 New York Times bestselling author of thrillers like The Lightning Rod and...

Nov 21

Securing a Future: How Fastenal District Manager Ryan Van Portfleet Helps Broward College Students Train for Success

Ryan Van Portfleet serves as a district manager at Fastenal, a leader in B2B supply chain management and one of the largest industrial suppliers in...

Nov 16

Practice Makes Perfect: How Broward College Student Daniel Murcia Found His Way in the IT Industry through the Pathway to Career Opportunities Grant Pre-Apprenticeship Program

A budding IT professional, Daniel Murcia, in June 2022, celebrated his completion of the 2021-22 Broward College Pathway to Career Opportunities...

Nov 8

Achieving the Dream: Shannon Escoriaza Becomes First Broward College Student to Win National American Advertising Award

Shannon Escoriaza, who graduated with an associate degree in Graphic Design in May, earned a place in Broward College history this year when she...

Nov 3

Destine Harrison-Williams Follows Love of Learning from Broward College to the Ivy League

When Destine Harrison-Williams thinks back on his childhood, he is reminded of bittersweet times. His mother raised him in Miami Gardens with as...

Nov 2

City of Lauderhill’s Sean Henderson Fosters Community Synergy with Broward UP™

In May 2019, the City of Lauderhill partnered with Broward UP to bring workforce training opportunities to their community. The first municipal...

Oct 31

Keeping the Promise: For Broward College Student Kayla Wright, Education is a Way to Pay It Forward

Kayla Wright is open about the fact that, growing up, she faced her fair share of adversity. At times, this hardship would manifest as anger issues...

Jul 22

After Graduation, Pre-Apprenticeship Students Are Ready to Take on the World of Information Technology

On June 28, the College observed the graduation of the 2021-22 Pathway to Career Opportunities Grant pre-apprenticeship class.

Jul 13

Broward College Dual-Enrollment Student Receives National Recognition for Study That Shows Teens Are Eating Less Processed Foods

Sixteen-year-old Broward College dual-enrollment student Maria Balhara is going into her senior year at Cooper City High School with an impressive...

May 6

Ahead of Mother’s Day, Broward College Graduates Feel the Love at Spring 2022 Commencement

It’s not uncommon for graduates and their loved ones to cry tears of joy at their commencement ceremony. When that commencement happens to...

May 5

A Mother’s Gift: Technology Management Grad Ingrid Palomino Provides a Better Life for her Daughter Through Education

Doing It All for Family The greatest gift a mother can give her child is a bright future. Ingrid Palomino, a Technology Management student, knew...

May 5

Cayla Rucker To Become First Graduate of Broward College New Media Communication Program

In the media industry, an “early adopter” is someone who starts using a new technology before anyone else. When it comes to Broward...

May 4

Associate Degree in Business Administration Helps Student Brenda Amaya Builds Bridges to Career Advancement

When Business Administration student Brenda Amaya wanted to build a better life for herself and her family, she relied on advice she learned from a...

May 4

Exceptional Education Student Maalik King Seeks to Provide Inclusive Spaces for Future Generations

Maalik King wants to use his own education to provide crucial learning opportunities for others. The 25-year-old Exceptional Student Education...

May 4

Political Asylee Lucila Marquez Pursues Freedom to Learn Through Broward College RENEW Program

For Associate of Arts student Lucila Marquez, a degree was an act of freedom.

May 3

Former U.S. Navy Medic Chooses Broward College for Hands-On IT Training

Rafael Perez experienced some of the best hands-on training in the world during his 12-year stint as a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy,...

May 2

A Recipe for Success: Former Culinary Professional Set to Graduate from IT Program with 4.0 GPA

As a former restaurant professional, Matthew Almour knows that career success, like a great recipe, takes time.

May 1

As COVID Took Hold, Nursing Student Summer Jararah Headed to the Front Lines

A Passion for Helping Nursing student Summer Jararah embodies the saying that courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.

Apr 28

IT Student Andrew Carter Honors Family through Higher Education

Overcoming Adversity, Finding His Way: Information Technology Graduate Andrew Carter understands the power of perseverance.

Apr 12

Jacky Wright, Spring 2022 Commencement Speaker: Using Information Technology to Help Others

Jacky Wright’s journey to becoming an Information Technology (IT) professional–a journey that recently led her to be named “The...

Mar 23

Shaping your Career: Jobs that are Dominating in 2022

New career paths for everyone.

Mar 22

Learning by Doing: Students Receive On-the-Job Training as Part of Information Technology Pre-Apprenticeship Program

For prospective IT students, job-shadowing serves as direct observation of a typical workday of an IT professional, providing valuable exposure to...

Feb 22

Building a Legacy – Dr. Lulrick Balzora Explains the Significance of Strong Role Models

In honor of Black History Month, we are taking the opportunity to highlight and celebrate the contributions of our very own faculty and staff...

Feb 17

“It’s All About the People” – Sophia Galvin Talks About Finding Her Passion in Human Resources

You can feel the passion in Sophia Galvin’s voice when she talks about her career. With over twenty years of experience in the field of Human...

Feb 10

Rudy Jean-Bart Talks About the Role Activism Played in His Life, Discuss Black History

From a very young age, Rudy Jean-Bart has been exposed to the meaning of activism and fighting for what you believe. Born and raised in Miami,...

Dec 15

Broward College’s Youngest Graduate, at 12 Years Old, Follows Her Passion for Research

Sawsan Ahmed is not even a teenager, but she’s about to graduate from Broward College later this month. The 12-year-old from Weston, Florida,...

Dec 14

Together, We Can Achieve Greatness

Juan, 46, and Natalia, 21, have more in common than the average father/daughter duo—both will walk across the stage to receive their...

Dec 13

First Generation Student Earns Degree in Supply Chain Management

Jonathan Paz will accomplish a huge milestone this December - he will become the first in his family to graduate college. The oldest son of...

Dec 10

COVID-19 Survivor Shows Grit to Complete Degree Through Sickness

Natasha Gonsalves is the daughter of Guyanese parents. As a first-generation American, she is also the first in her family to complete college...

Dec 9

Leave No Opportunity Behind – David Alzate Seized the Chance to Complete College

For the last 15 years, David Alzate has been laser-focused on building a career and raising his family. As a husband, father of four and full-time...

Dec 8

Fight for Daughter’s Rights Inspires Mother to Pursue Degree in Education

As a stay-at-home mother of three, Lauren Smith already had a full-time job before she considered pursuing a college degree. When Lauren was...

Nov 18

Financial Support Becomes Key Factor for Nursing Student to Achieve His Goals

Israel Perez Vargas’s relentless pursuit of his studies at Broward College is as inspiring as it is proof of how the resources available at...

Oct 28

Autistic Student Soaring through Avionics Training Program with Flying Colors

From the day his parents explained to him that he has autism, Zachary Hopkins did the best any 13-year-old could do to try not to overthink...

Oct 14

Family Ties Inspire First-Generation International Student To Pursue Nursing Career

Her grandmother, a diabetic who had both legs amputated, has always been the reason why Shantell Dawkins wanted to become a nurse. Watching her...

Oct 6

Broward UP Staff Provides Student with a New Lease on Life

After dropping out of Broward College to work full-time, Daniella Jules was at her wit’s end. Somewhere between the call center job and the...

Oct 4

“My Personal Experience Shaped My Path” – Dr. Mildred Coyne Shares What Drove Her to Dedicate a Lifetime to Higher Education

Personal experiences are often the driving force behind passionate individuals. For Dr. Mildred Coyne, senior vice president, Workforce Education...

Oct 1

Looking for High-Paying Job? Broward College Graduate Learns Supply Chain Management is Hot

Just five courses short of completing a Nursing program, Orayne Bradshaw started thinking about changing his career path when an advisor at Broward...

Sep 8

Student Success at Heart – The Sole Focus of Vice Provost Janice Stubbs

Janice Stubbs fell in love with her career before she even graduated college. A Jamaican native, she moved to the United States at 17 years old,...

Aug 31

Mother and Daughter Share Bond Through Broward Up Workforce Training

After her husband died, Pamela Orange spent the next 12 years caring for her children. School was furthest from her mind when she stumbled on a...

Jul 29

"Whatever Excites You, Do it" – Chief of Staff Talks Her Passion for Adventure, Achieving the American Dream

Isabel Gonzalez is the representation of achieving the American Dream. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, she is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who...

Jul 8

Catching Up with Lacey Hofmeyer – Meet Broward College’s General Counsel

Lacey Hofmeyer is Broward College’s General Counsel and Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Policy. She oversees the legal...

Jul 6

Broward College Degree is Music to Jamaican Reggae-Rapper’s Ears

Mr. Vegas has been dancing to a different beat of late. Since he graduated from Broward College this past spring with an Associate of Arts focused...

Jun 18

Broward College Student Finds Purpose as Mentor, Role Model and Father

Gillings knows how important an active father is to a household. He was eight years old when his mother decided to escape an abusive relationship...

Jun 16

Meeting Your Leaders – A Closer Look to College Provost Dr. Jeffrey Nasse

A small-town native from Saco, Maine, on June 2, 2021, Dr. Nasse was named provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs following a...

Jun 8

To The Rescue: EMT Students Prevent Drowning In Florida Keys

The jet ski without a passenger aboard first caught their attention. The cry for help a moment later triggered their trained response.

May 11

Meet Your Leadership Team – A Closer Look to The College’s Structure and Management Roles

Under the leadership of College President Gregory Adam Haile, J.D., seven senior leaders are at the forefront of different teams that support the...

May 8

Alive and Kicking! Emergency Brain Surgery Can’t Keep Burgeoning Businesswoman Down

The research paper had her stressed, so she tried her best to reason, but the sharp pain felt like more than an ordinary headache. Genica knew it...

May 8

College Academy Students Take Unconventional Path to Graduation

Keshia entered College Academy during her junior year in high school, excited about the opportunity to earn real college credit but anxious about...

May 7

Family Approach Guides Minority Males to Graduation

College life had become a lot like washing his hair – lather, rinse, repeat. Once he finished classes at Broward College, Wolf Charles would...

May 6

Striving for Greatness – Noah MacDonald Graduates as Semi-Finalist for the Prestigious Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

At 20-years-old, Pembroke Pines native Noah MacDonald is well set on the path towards a bright future. He is graduating this spring with an...

May 5

Broward College Graduate Conquered Opportunities During His Educational Journey

For Nazar Savitski, Broward College was his first choice to pursue post-secondary education. Despite emigrating to the United States from his home...

May 4

A Full Circle – Life Experience Inspires Broward College Graduate to Help Others

Rosean Monteith will be completing an extraordinary milestone this May. He will become the first in his family to graduate college. While this...

May 3

High-School Dropout Prepared for Career in Medical Sonography

Things have worked out for Mashava since she quit her job at the fast-food establishment and started taking online classes toward a high school...

Apr 30

Celebrating 17 Outstanding Faculty Members With the 2020-21 Professors of the Year and Endowed Teaching Chair Awards

The College boasts exceptional faculty, and it is not always easy to give them the credit they deserve, but each year, two awards recognize the...

Apr 6

Nursing Students Volunteer to Deliver COVID-19 Vaccines to The Public

During their spring break between March 1 to 5, demonstrating their commitment to health care and the welfare of others, a group of Broward College...

Dec 19

Showing Grit Through a Global Pandemic – SGA President Reaches the Finish Line at Broward College

Over the last two years, Erika Noel has been one of the most involved, active students at Broward College. Erika, who is graduating this fall with...

Dec 18

Ukrainian Immigrant Taps into 15 Years of Medical Experience to Graduate with Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Broward College

Tetyana Gurzhii moved to the United States from Ukraine six years ago with the hopes of continuing her journey in medicine.

Dec 17

The Pathway to Growth – Carolina Porto is Getting the Degree to Push Forward

When Carolina Porto first enrolled at Miami Dade College right out of high school, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do professionally....

Dec 16

Overcoming Obstacles to Celebrate a Milestone - The Journey of Catherine Corado

Nothing could stop 23-year-old Catherine Corado from reaching graduation. Her dedication, determination, and desire to work in nursing helped her...

Dec 15

Fall 2020 Grads – Scholarship Puts Jamaican Native Veneisia Tomlinson on the Path to Fulfilling her Dream

When Veneisia Tomlinson arrived in the United States from her native Jamaica at 18 years old, she had her mind set on immediately enrolling in...

Dec 14

December Graduate Excited and Prepared to Take On Nursing Field

Jenny Luo Achord had never thought of being a nurse until about four years ago when she delivered her second child at a South Florida hospital....

Aug 25

After Broward UP™ Training, Single Mother Doing Her Part to Rebuild Native Bahamas

After Broward UP™ Training, Single Mother Doing Her Part to Rebuild Native Bahamas

Aug 25

In Florida House, Former Broward College Student Lends Her Voice to Boost District

In Florida House, Former Broward College Student Lends Her Voice to Boost District

Aug 25

Home Free: Broward College Grad Now Owns Keys to His Future

Home Free: Broward College Grad Now Owns Keys to His Future

Aug 11

Broward College Student Reaches Finals of Renowned Acting Competition

Noland became one of 12 finalists nationally for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival in February 2020. This prestigious...

Jun 4

A Place for Everyone – Non-Traditional Grad Reflects on His College Journey

When 33-year-old Robert Curran enrolled at Broward College two years ago, he knew that he would stand out. This spring, he is graduating with an...

Jun 3

Finding Strength in Your Own Struggles – A Broward College Grad Finds Her Call After Family’s Hardship

Stephanie is working towards becoming a pediatric oncologist after experiencing firsthand the painful journey of several family members, including...

May 28

The Story of Ojdre Sutherland

For 25-year-old Ojdre Sutherland, a Jamaican native who moved to Florida at age 16, he counts himself as another success story. The oldest of six...

May 27

Exceptional Grads – The Stories of Three Graduates from the Honors College

For Juliana Joseph, Rivkah Moshe, and Alysha Bryan, the Honors College supported them while they struggled with personal challenges and allowed...

May 22

Celebrating our Spring 2020 Graduates

This term, Broward College will recognize Spring 2020 graduates through a virtual ceremony on Saturday, June 6, at 1 p.m. While our celebration...

May 7

Reaching the Goal – A Personal Reflection from a Nursing Graduate During COVID-19

As we celebrate the work of these frontline caregivers, we also pause to recognize the 116 Broward College nursing graduates who completed their...

Apr 30

#BCPROUD on the Frontlines – Philip Velez’ Role in Supply Chain During COVID-19

Whether it is a knock on the door, a ringing phone, an e-mail, handling invoices, checking stocks, or delivering supplies, for Philip Velez, a day...

Apr 29

#BCPROUD on the Frontline – Healthcare Worker Rachel Guran Experiences COVID-19 Firsthand

On a typical day, it’s a 24/7 work shift as the Director of Epidemiology and Infection Prevention for Rachel Guran. Her journey to this...

Apr 21

Cast Your Vote – Student Government Associations Holds Elections for 2020-21 Academic Year

It’s business as usual for Student Life as the department will hold elections for new SGA members for the 2020-21 academic year. Despite...

Apr 16

Saluting our Broward College Front Line Employees

In the last five weeks, most of us at Broward College has transitioned to remote work or remote learning. But, to ensure the continuity of our...

Apr 14

Adapting to Remote Learning – Words of Encouragement from your SGA Representatives

It’s the fourth week of remote learning for students through the spring semester, as part of efforts to flatten the curve of the COVID-19...

Apr 13